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The Centre of Biostatistics and Analyses (CBA) was established in November 2001 by the decision of the Academic senate of the Faculty of Medicine. CBA worked as an interfaculty institute associated with the Faculty of Medicine as well as with the Faculty of Science. The Centre had also the position of a permanent department within the biology section of the Faculty of Science.

Based on Academic Senate of Masaryk University decision issued on 22.5.2006 new common department Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses (IBA) was created. This department is now independent administrative unit of MU. Newly based department started its activities according the dean decision on 1.7.2006. All activities and liabilities of Centre of Biostatistics and Analyses were passed together with whole agenda to newly created department - Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses.

As an academic institute, IBA has the following mission:

  1. To provide training in the field of applied data analysis and IT applications for biological and clinical fields of research within both Faculties.
  2. To carry out research on the application of mathematical and statistical methods and information technologies in biological and clinical fields of research (particularly in risk assessment, applied stochastic modelling, multivariate analyses of biological data, predictive medicine, evidence-based medicine, data mining, software development for research).
  3. To provide a full scale portfolio of services expected from informatics from the point of view of the biological and clinical fields of research (for instance: data analysis, software development and data processing in databases, clinical registration, computer graphics, and Internet services).

Based on successfully started contacts with many investigative institutions as well as private companies, IBA initiated a broad spectrum of activities:

  • prospective clinical trials
  • retrospective registration of clinical
  • cost-effectiveness clinical studies
  • applied development of SW
  • implementation of health technology
    assessment standards
  • human risk assessment


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